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DEAD GIRL is a dark comedy about playing dead to keep your dreams alive. 

Rachel dreams of performing Shakespeare on Broadway. Instead, she’s playing a corpse on television’s latest pulp-fest, Minds of Crime. Rachel is haunted by a deep dissatisfaction that threatens her relationship with her boyfriend David. The experience of playing dead has her questioning the value of living. 

DEAD GIRL also doubles as a pilot. In DEAD GIRL the series, each episode focuses on a different woman playing a Dead Girl—the Laura Palmers, the bodies in crime show cold opens, the serial killer victims in prestige dramas. The Dead Girls become an ensemble as their stories interweave. It's about the real scars left after the fake ones have been washed off. 

If you’re interested in DEAD GIRL, the film, or in making the series happen, feel free to reach out to writer, director, and star Rachel Sweeney at rachelvictoriasweeney@gmail.com.  

Dead Girl at Art of Brooklyn

Dead Girl will have its New York premiere at the Art of Brooklyn Film Fest in June. Screening dates and times TBA.


Dead Girl was featured in the the FESTWORKS blog! Click the image for Rachel’s opinions on Laura Palmer, Veronica Mars, and sneaking snacks into movie theatres.


Dead Girl at Oxford Film Fest

Dead Girl had its world premiere at the Oxford Film Festival on February 8th, 2019! A huge thanks to the staff and volunteers who made the weekend an incredible experience.

Dead Girl Kickstarter

Dead Girl was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign. We are so grateful to all of our backers who made this possible.

Feel free to reach out directly to rachelvictoriasweeney@gmail.com or find me on social media @sweenepup